Movento Case Study Featured in California Grower Magazine

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Some of my research for Bayer CropScience‘s insecticide product, Movento was recently featured in the September issue of California Grower Magazine. The article covers a variety of topics including the effectiveness of Movento when combating citrus bud mites, California red scale and the dreaded Asian citrus psyllid, which of course has now been documented in the […]

A Busy 2012 Fall Season for Holden Research and Consulting

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As summer winds down, I usually expect my pace to lessen a bit, but not this year! I have many interesting projects on the horizon, and lots of travel and speaking engagements as well. Towards the end of August I spent almost a week in Canada in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick presenting some […]

Fall 2011 Presentation Phosphates vs. Phosphites

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Phosphates vs. Phosphites November 2011

Travel Lessons from the Fall of 2011

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November and December turned out to be extensive travel times for me. In November I spent  another two weeks consulting all over the southern half of Australia and the first week of  December was doing similarly in the citrus regions of Florida. I thought I might give you some  of my observations. Australia: The Australians […]

Myth Busting – Get to the Truth

July 30, 2011 No comments yet

I just read a great blog in Scientific American by Christie Wilcox, dated July 18, 2011 at “”, entitled Mythbusting 101 – Organic Farming>Conventional Agriculture.  I will let you read the blog and not try to embellish what was so well written, but I will just take a little time to review the myths this […]

AG RX Newsletter Post Spring 2011

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A Word from David Holden of Holden Research and Consulting Well, looking at the long term forecast, it would appear that we are done with much more winter rain. There may be another .5 to .75 of inch of rain left in the season, but for the most part we are probably going to start […]